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 HUNT3R-69er recruitment form

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HUNT3R-69er recruitment form Empty
PostSubject: HUNT3R-69er recruitment form   HUNT3R-69er recruitment form EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 10:55 pm

Subject: Recruitmant form template Fri 25th march 12:55--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Social or Clanwars: any

Name:liam hunter

Age: 14

Location: sydney

Previous Clans: none

If any reasons for leaving:

Hosting Abilities: quite good

Mic: yes

Kill / Death Ration : 1.25

Win / Lose Ration : dunno but its below 1

Button Layout : default

Reason for Joining Us : cause ur awsome and i wanna kill shit

Recommended by anyone ? if so Who? some guy in a black ops lobby

What can you bring to vS*? awsomeness and i can play the objective

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HUNT3R-69er recruitment form
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