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 x-iiHeaDhUNter-x app formm :)

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x-iiHeaDhUNter-x app formm :) Empty
PostSubject: x-iiHeaDhUNter-x app formm :)   x-iiHeaDhUNter-x app formm :) EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 11:18 pm

PSN: x-iiHeaDhUNter-x

Social or Clanwars: both

Name: Nick

Age: 15

Location: Sydney

Previous Clans: none

If any reasons for leaving: clan isnt active enough

Hosting Abilities: moderate

Mic: only works sometimes

Kill / Death Ration : 1.50

Win / Lose Ration : 0.70

Button Layout : tactical

Reason for Joining Us : played with use with Fergz71 and use rape ass

Recommended by anyone ? if so Who? Fergz71

What can you bring to vS*? if ya need someone to suicide plant .. im ya man Smile
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x-iiHeaDhUNter-x app formm :)
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